I'm interested in the areas of formal logic and education. Specifically, the application of technology to better improve teaching methods.

A Graphical System For Logical Reasoning Using Existential Graphs

Shail Patel, Bram van Heuveln

Visual Logic, a program to teach logic through existential graphs - a purely graphical notation
for logical expressions developed by Charles Sanders Peirce.

Facilitating Discussion-Based Grading and Private Channels via an Integrated Forum

Andrew Aikens, Gagan Kumar, Shail Patel,Evan Maicus ,Matthew Peveler, Barbara Cutler

Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGSCE) poster on Submitty's discussion forum.

Effects of position on just noticeable differences

Shail Patel

Experiment on how the position of an object effects noticing differences.

Using RGB screens to alter color perception

Shail Patel

Removing blue light on RGB screens to simulate color perception similar to Tritanopia.

Video Games as tools for education

Shail Patel

Research proposal on an experiment exploring the use of video games as tools to better teach students specialized topics.